Award winning director, native storyteller and a lucid dreamer

Role :
Yahssir is the Founder of Millenia Motion Pictures who leads the operation of the company. He is also a Director and Executive Producer in all of our productions. He directs the team in development, screenplay writing and directing. 

For over 15 years, Yahssir has been directing and producing short films, telemovies, television dramas and commercials. He knows it all - from pre-production to post-production. While screenplay and directing is his forte, he is able to handle the camera and edit as well.

Yahssir’s first short films won four awards in the Panasonic Digital Fiesta in 2010. He became known for creating stories that the audience are usually able to identify with; the  stories from the heart. He won more awards and his work was recognised in Project PDA (MDA & OKTO), Pradhana Vizha, Asian Television Awards, and New York Festivals World’s Best TV & Films.

Be one of the finest film-makers in the Asia whose work is internationally acclaimed.

Outside work:
He eats breathes and sleeps Millenia Motion Pictures. If he is not in office working, he is thinking about stories to tell.

More about him: