A visual artist, actor and movie lover

Role :
Thiyagu is the in-house Senior Video Editor. He creates the good quality creative cuts in a timely manner.

Thiyagu was working in the Indian film Industry before he joined Millenia Motion Pictures. For over thirteen years he has worked on some notable regional movies. His ability to do screenplay, direct and act, gives him an edge of editing videos within a short time without compromising storytelling value. He is also able to edit videos in any language because of this.

Thiyagu received the Best Director award for a his short film named “Vannathupoochi” (Tamil) in 2009. He was also nominated for Best Editor in the State Nandi Award for a Telugu movie in 2015.

Thiyagu plays a key supportive role in serving our corporate clients and marketing agencies.

The Oscars for the best Feature Film Director or Editor

Outside work:
Thiyagu spends most of his free time watching movies. In the remaining time, he writes stories and also creates youtubes.

More about him: