Writer, story weaver and an intense observer

Role :
Rashida is the Head of Creative Content. She creates concepts that are pitched for the shows in the various channels like Suria, Vasantham and Channel 5. She also works with writers as well as the director on the screenplays and as well as preparing for the pitches.

She was also working on the story concepts for over eight years. Rashida was working as a senior medical social worker before she joined Millenia Motion Pictures. The experience has always given her an advantage in creating some of the most compelling characters on screen.

Her screenplay for Ambika, a Tamil telemovie, won Asian Television Awards. She was also the lead writer for Muthar Kanave, which won the best telemovie at Pradana Vizha (Singapore’s national tamil channel award show) in 2016.

To be able to write an award winning screenplay that will be recognised internationally

Outside work:
She mainly writes concepts and screenplays. crafting new characters and developing scenes is her core focus. If she is not working, she is probably spending time with her family. 

More about her: