Millenia Motion Pictures strengthens video marketing team

After ten years of a strong foothold in the TV broadcasting industry, Millenia Motion Pictures is stepping forward into another decade with a new look and a new team. Late last year the company rebranded with an aim to grow its video marketing and advertising business. Recently, the team has expanded to strengthen capabilities in these areas.

In early January, Nazhath Faheema joined the team as the Head of Marketing. Faheema comes with varied content marketing experience. Over seven years, she has worked with clients in Asia, Middle East and Europe. She specialises in social media marketing and is skilled in marketing analytics. While she is known for her works in B2B and non-profit sectors, she also has experience with consumer brand marketing.

"There is now a demand for storytelling form in commercial videos. Millenia Motion Pictures' strength in short film and drama production sits strategically with the new media landscape. I am excited about the kind of projects we will be working on."
- Faheema


Earlier this month, Danial Haris joined the team as a Content Creator. As a versatile professional with over thirteen years of experience, Danial is a good package of talent. He began as a filmmaker whose work was recognised in the Berlin Asia Pacific Film Festival 2006.

Following that Danial worked as a producer, director and editor in the advertising and media industry, playing a part in award-winning regional television programs such as the premiering season of Asia's Next Top Model & Asia's Got Talent. He has a significant portfolio of producing branded content and commercials. His experience also includes working with clientele such as Far East Organisation, Jetstar, Credit Suisse, NBA Asia etc.

"I am humbled to be part of Millenia Motion Pictures expansion, as we look to expand our catalogue of content. With a growing team of talents from diverse expertise, backgrounds and culture, we hope to be a true red Singapore production company that entertains and engages with stories from our hearts. "
- Danial


Danial will be supported by Senior Video Editor Thiyagu Rajan who also joined the team this month. Before joining Millenia Motion Pictures, Thiyagu was working in the Indian film Industry. For over ten years he has worked on some notable regional movies. His ability to do screenplay, direct and act, gives him an edge of editing videos within a short time without compromising storytelling value. With Thiyagu's expertise, Millenia Motion Pictures will be able to support corporate clients and marketing agencies, looking to produce timely video content.

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