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Upon understanding our client's objectives and requirements, our team of passionate storytellers ideate different concepts that would be fitting for the project. Then, the best idea is developed into a concept board and presented to the client. Following the approval of the proposed content, the project moves to pre-production.

Our team consists of an award-winning film director, a versatile content marketer and experienced content creators. They work closely with the production and post-production team from the start of the project till the end. This diversity in skills ensures that we have new, unique, quality content that satisfies client's needs.

While we keep close to what the client wants, we never fear to give counter suggestions to our clients. We want to bring to screens what would best work for the client's target audience within the budget.


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In pre-production, the team takes a lot of effort to source for the location, props and, most importantly, the cast. At this stage, the creative team works on the script.

At the production stage, it is "lights, camera and action!". While we are seriously filming every shot of the video with perfection, we also have fun on the set. We also invite our clients over for funny behind-the-scene shots. This is our key to a happy team. We do not tire even after a 48 hours schedule!

All our productions are led by executive producer and award-winning director, Yahssir M together with a team of highly experienced producers who can work on different type of productions.


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In what we call the 'green room',  our editors work on the final stage of the project.  Raw footage is cut into scenes; transition effects are added with dubbing, voice-overs and sound effects. We also create motion graphics, as required by the video's content. Nothing leaves the green room until it is marked "broadcast ready" by our directors and producers.

Aside to a full-fledged video production service, we also provide editing-only services. In our 'blue room', we turn ordinary videos into professional ones through colour and sound adjustments. We also top it up with special effects depending on with client's budget.